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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Tax Lawyer Courtoon

    10 responses to “Monday, January 12, 2009”

    1. Mr. Cat says:

      lmao lol lol dat one funnie horse !! dis oldist joke in book evry one no dat he sed 501(c)(3)! lol lol mew. ai tink u funnie hoomin again.

    2. Business Law Prof says:

      Yes, but a tax professor would have laughed.

    3. Tracey says:

      @BusLawProf: Yeah, but who goes out to lunch with a tax professor?

    4. Drew says:

      Classic, but I have to disagree about someone’s comment about having lunch with tax professors. My tax exempt organizations professor happens to be a leading consultant for the Catholic Church as well as a leading author on several different subjects. He also learned everything he knows about scientology from watching SouthPark. I think he would have some interesting stories to tell.

    5. Mr. Cat says:

      if ur profeser soo awsom at leeding y cant he lead u out of doosh bag king dom !! lol lol mew.

      ps r u secritly dat anoying doggie next door wit the funul on ur hed!

    6. Alan says:

      Hey, I’m a tax lawyer and I’m really funny. You can ask any of my friends. Um … they’re all tax lawyers too …

    7. Tracey says:

      @Drew: It’s a joke, son. I say, I say, it’s a joke.

    8. Kelly says:

      @Alan, exactly. :P
      Actually, the tax lawyers I know aren’t thaaat bad. Lol.

    9. Bryen Ekers says:

      If he laughs during the meal, can you still deduct it?

    10. Kristina says:

      Haha. Is this cartoon fashioned off of Congressman Brad Sherman. He used to be a tax attorney and always tries to do stand-up comedy. This looks exactly like him.