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    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    IP Lawyer Courtoon

    9 responses to “Thursday, January 15, 2009”

    1. Matt Bycer says:

      I love it! Came back from a networking event just last night, same deal.

      Well, at least this patent attorney doesn’t wear glasses. That’s cool, right?

    2. KMM says:

      Hey now. I’m a patent lawyer and I had a girlfriend once. She’s from Canada; you wouldn’t know her.

    3. Caroline says:

      I know someone JUST like this!!! Ha ha.

    4. WB says:

      That is just too evil. Whats wrong with showing off your patents?

    5. sn says:

      Sad but true. Most IP attorneys are geeks and shy introverts.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Well, this one time at band camp…

    7. christie says:

      i think geeks / nerds are hot. i know, i am sick in the head…

    8. Jason C. says:

      I’m a patent attorney, and I am much smoother than this guy. For example, I just recently interdigitated my digits with a female!

    9. Nate says:

      I have dated a plurality of women, wherein said plurality of women did not comprise anyone selected from a group consisting of: my mother, sisters, and extended family.

      Ahhh…markush groups, fun times (for patent litigators).