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    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Twitter/Technology Courtoon

    7 responses to “Monday, February 2, 2009”

    1. mistercat says:

      @HoominT LMCatO! !!1

    2. Ciara says:

      So darn true.

    3. BrotherO says:

      I think I know that person! I think I work with her!

    4. Saro says:

      Despite being on the web (writing, not so much blogging) since the mid-90s, I have not quite embraced social media networks. As I finally figure out the appeal of tweeting, this courtoon makes me laugh with delight. I want to be aware, but not succumb to the point of alienating myself like the person in the courtoon.

      Thanks for the reflection and the giggles,

    5. Count us in as admirers of your blog and your varied artistic renderings. We have posted this ‘toon to Wise Law Blog. All the best.