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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Miranda Courtoon

    4 responses to “Tuesday, February 10, 2009”

    1. Steve says:

      very sad, but very true. sigh

    2. vetinari says:

      Sadly, appeal courts seem to not care about these type of fundamentals short of the cops actually beating the accused with a copy the text… and even then, they would say that the cops discharged their duty by making the accused aware of their rights.

    3. Miranda warnings are only still around because getting rid of them would be political suicide. They only even have a chance of helping in such limited circumstances.

    4. Tracey says:

      Miranda warnings are at this point so well-known that Pennsylvania motor vehicle law has a whole line of cases on the subject of being “Mirandized by television”: a driver refuses to submit to a sobriety test without talking to his lawyer first, the cop tells him that he has no right to speak to an attorney before a sobriety test (which is correct), but the drunk driver insists that he “knows his rights!!!” … because he’s seen it on TV. Because TV has so deeply ingrained this into our brains, the cop is actually obligated to explain to the driver that Miranda rights do *not* apply to sobriety tests!