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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Gunner Courtoon

    8 responses to “Thursday, February 26, 2009”

    1. Tom says:

      Love this one. Things suddenly got a lot more peaceful after grades came out.

    2. HappilyMiddleoftheClass says:


    3. KLM says:

      This is so true – and so funny!

    4. Greg May says:

      I was one of those hand-raisers for all three years. Professors sometimes refused to call on me, not because I said inane things (I did very well in my class, thank you), but because I was the ONLY one with my hand raised, and they wanted more participation.

      No. 1 guy in our class after the first year was named “Jones.” In my second year, there was a Jones in my class who raised his hand as much as me. I kept thinking to myself, THIS is the guy who’s no. 1 in our class? He doesn’t strike me as all that smart. He was bright, but he sure didn’t sound like the top of the class.

      Turned out it wasn’t the same Jones.

    5. mistercat says:

      greg maY:

      storriee FAIL

    6. DCLawStudent says:

      Totally agree with this one, most of our gunners settled down a tad, one of them even moved from the first row to the last. I wasn’t a gunner at all last semester and now i participate fairly consistently. This would actually make a fun study.