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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    pursuant-to Courtoon

    5 responses to “Wednesday, March 25, 2009”

    1. lawschooldrunk says:

      tell that to my summer supervising judicial law clerk.

    2. Saqib Ali says:

      This is the funniest comic ever! Ever! :)

      Would you mind terribly if I were to post it on my blog, of course with proper credits and trackback/referring URL?

    3. David Mills says:

      Please feel free to post Courtoons with a link back. If you arrived at this particular Courtoon by another link, you understandably did not see the main Courtoons page, which has more information about linking, etc. (in the sidebar). To get to the main page, just click anywhere in the red header at the top. (And thanks for the compliment.)

    4. […] David Mills Source: http://courtoons.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/pursuant-to/ Tagged with: law, Lawyer Jokes, legal, Legal Humor, Legal Jokes, legal writing, Pursuant To, […]

    5. Anonymous says:

      I laughed so hard I cried – thanks! :)