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    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Butt Cf. Courtoon

    4 responses to “Friday, April 10, 2009”

    1. BeakerBoy says:

      She looks like she wants to grab a hunk and et. al.

    2. Rudeboi says:

      Nice. You pulled a switcheroo…going the sexist in the opposite way today. Difference is, no one will complaint about this one.

    3. snob says:

      I might complain…about your grammar!

    4. Sue says:

      I saw this one before I saw the partially withdrawn one about the exam day hottie, and thought to myself that it would raise the hackles of people if it were drawn in reverse genders. Now I see it was only done in response to a prior “offense.” So much for role reversals.