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    Friday, April 24, 2009

    Intertonelocutory Courtoon

    Interlocutory Appeal

    16 responses to “Friday, April 24, 2009”

    1. David Mills says:

      For those who are unaware of Tone Loc’s greatness: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tone_L%C5%8Dc

    2. Mr. Cat says:

      dis MEWlarius! lol LOl !

      u git fiyve pawz ND a loLo loL LOl mew from dis kittee ! !

    3. random says:

      so racist…

    4. BeakerBoy says:

      He could probably do well helping rival parties solve their disputes. I hear he’s a funky cold medinator

    5. Rudeboi says:

      BeakerBoy wins… That should be the next courtoon if Tone Loc becomes a recurring character.

    6. Jeremy says:

      Hmmm… If we keep up this rap theme, I have a suggestion: something about Jay-Z preserving 99 issues (problems) for appeal, but there was one he left out… what could it be?

    7. PTLaw (Philippa) says:

      This one is good, David! Keep up the good work.

    8. Law Clerk says:

      My Criminal Procedure prof played Jay-Z’s 99 Problems video in class as a classic crim-pro issue spotter

    9. Ryan says:

      I heard that after his argument, Tone Loc was held in contempt when he asked the judge to do the wild thing….

    10. CJG says:

      I always wondered if Judge Batchelder found Medina funky and cold.


      This is perfectly P.C.

      For once… no racism…


      I don’t know who posted the above under my moniker.

      The above imposter, as well as this cartoon, is totally RACIST.

    13. Law Student says:

      We just had our civ pro final at Wash U in Dean Syverud’s class. Thank goodness this wasn’t on the test.

    14. Anonymous says:

      How about a 50-Cent bankruptcy liquidation where he is n/k/a 2-Cent.

    15. The second BIGINSURANCELAW is the true impostor. I am the real BIGINSURANCELAW and I don’t find this courttoon to be racist at all.

    16. Paula says:

      Give it a rest. It’s hysterically funny – and for what it’s worth, reminded me of a great Funky Cold Medina rendition at a company party by my (very) white-bread husband and my very cool black boss.