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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    Moot Banana (Federal Courts) Courtoon

    Federal Courts Exam

    13 responses to “Thursday, April 30, 2009”

    1. BeakerBoy says:

      And unshowered law school final takers are ripe.

    2. Incoming Summer Associate says:

      And that is when the guy sitting next to him realized it was probably a bad idea to copy his answers…

    3. april says:

      love it! :)

    4. Law Student says:

      5 hours left on a 24 hour take-home ConLaw final, and this courtoon brought a smile to my face. Thanks Dave. btw, FML.

    5. LittleGirlLawst says:

      Yay! More final exam comics, please :)

    6. Lawranger says:

      Love today’s!!!! You are on a roll, David Mills. Some more , about fed court clerks, please . . . preferably those in district court. See, eg, “rogue law clerks” toon (Courtoons, Jan. 21, 2009).

    7. Lawranger says:

      Law clerks, I mean (whose brains obviously become fried when confronted with large doses of legal humor).

    8. HighSchoolLaw says:

      Guys in my highschool used to debate the mootness of bananas all the time, it was no big deal…


      I noticed that this cartoon depicts a classroom in which certain students are forced to sit in the back of the class.

      Clearly and homage to bus segregation in the south.

      Also, RACIST, clearly.

    10. Tom says:

      Love it

    11. Jess says:

      Wow, way to beat a dead horse BIGINSURANCELAW. You may get one more laugh out of that joke yet.

    12. mwasseresq says:

      It violates the ADA too, no law students in wheelchairs.

    13. Caroline says:

      Fantastic, David!!