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    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Verdict Form Courtoon

    Verdict Form

    10 responses to “Monday, May 4, 2009”

    1. Annie says:

      This makes me feel better for my criminal procedure final I have in less than 1/2 hour.

    2. Vic says:

      I’ll be passing this one on for sure!

    3. Law Student says:

      Can I use this for my judge?

    4. Ty Vaughn says:

      Well, such is life. The bearded lady always gets hosed. Its either a very pretty monster or one ugly woman.

    5. IPstorytelling says:

      right…since a brother looks scary then he must be guilty. Racist

    6. HighSchoolLaw says:

      Guys in my high school used to arbitrarily convict defendants all the time… it was no big deal…

    7. vetinari says:

      You forgot the fourth option: “Even though the prosecutor did not prove their case on the main charge, the defendant probably did something, so we are convicting him of a lesser but included offense regardless of the evidence. So there.”

    8. […] to Courtoons for unveiling that […]

    9. unmotivated3L says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how certain people –although they have voluntarily gone to a satire/sarcasm/humor website– are apparently incapable of simply recognizing that, while obviously a sad commentary on the actual state of affairs out there, the sarcastic observation of that fact is nonetheless funny… amusing…. (dare I dummyproof this further…?) …something to make you go “Wow, damn….he’s right….that really sucks!”…..

      What I do not see possible, given the freaking courtoon, is how it is “racist”. Did I miss something? Hmmmm….no, I do not think any ethnic identification was in that courtoon…. re-reading… hmmm…nope, just “defendant”…..and “scary”…… , nothing about “Brotha…” So… how about those with chips on their shoulders looking to turn absolutely everything into a racist issue where NONE exists– unless YOU are the one who believes all “scary defendants” must be black– kindly chill the ef out, and enjoy the page already….. deal? Thanks.

    10. Jim says:


      The “racist” comment that people leave around here has become somewhat of a meme for the site. I think most of these cartoons you would be scraping to get any sort of racial connotation, let alone have them be racist, which is part of the joke in calling them racist.