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    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    summer trash Courtoon

    Law-Firm Summer-Associate

    28 responses to “Tuesday, May 12, 2009”

    1. 1L says:

      And thats why I’m happy to be working at a small firm this summer, doing real work, unlike the corporate whores.

    2. Anonymous says:

      i dont get it

    3. Jess says:

      1L, are you sure your small firm is not also a corporation? Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll offer that class your 2L year.

    4. IPstorytelling says:

      That’s a position where all white brothers should be working…. picking up the trash

    5. steve says:

      I highly doubt his small firm is a corporation, aren’t most firms (large and small) LLPs?

    6. Jess says:

      I beleive you’ll notice that Mr. Mills is organized as a Limitied Liability Corporation. What a corporate whore.

    7. G man says:

      jess is a moron who just pwned him/herself.

    8. David Mills says:

      Thanks to J. Whitney for some inspiration on this one.

    9. Incoming Summer Associate says:

      Luckily, my V50 firm is small enough that I will be working directly under a senior parter… picking up his trash!

    10. Anonymous says:

      This courtoon is racist!

    11. David, I love your work, but I’m afraid this is one where your usually delightfully crappy drawings get the better of you. I had no idea he was supposed to be a janitor, in part because his appearance (apart from the fact that he’s throwing out trash) doesn’t indicate that he is, and in part because of the red herring of his standing on a chair (I assume that this was to compensate for some disproportion between objects in the room).

    12. G man says:

      aaron you moron, the majarity of law students are below average height. Mr. Mills was just poking some extra fun.

      If the chair was perceived by you as a “red herring”, might i suggest that any points over 150 that you scored on the LSAT were a fluke.



      I don’t get it either. However, I do get that it is RACIST!

    14. David Mills says:

      Yeah, he’s the janitor working the night shift. I guess I should have given the guy a mop or something. (He’s not on the chair to compensate for objects in the room; it’s for his short legs.) I think all this suggests that I better get back to writing delightfully crappy briefs as a corporate whore at my LLC.

    15. Spreague says:

      I thought the clock reading 10:00 and the moon showing through the window were obvious enough to get the joke. But I’m a simple government tramp, so what do I know?

    16. Paula says:

      Steve & Jess,

      It’s Limited Liability COMPANY, not ‘LLCorporation’ and small firms are often LLCs or PCs (professional corporations). Not an LLp unless there are partners. BarBri will catch you up on all these things.

      I’m just sayin’

    17. Lawranger says:

      Only lawyers (or I guess lawyers to be) could reduce a CARTOON to some sort of pseudo legal grammatical syntactical analysis and, in the process, take absolutely all the fun out of the game. Sigh.

    18. Jess says:

      Paula, your are correct. It is an LL Company not an LL Corporation. However, I’m sure you would agree that the concepts are closely linked. My point is merely that the legal form that a firm chooses to operate under has little to do with whether its employees are whores or not.

    19. Derrick says:

      Spreague: That’s so unfair, there’s so many poor saps in large firms working their first few years that late every night. You and your easy government job… ;P

    20. 1L says:

      Jess, setting aside the fact that you’re utterly wrong about partnerships and corporations and while trying to make me look ignorant you made yourself look stupid…
      What I meant by “corporate whores” (which doesn’t quite have the technical definition you might find in corporate law) are people who enlist their services to a corporation/company/whatever that takes advantage of them by making them do menial tasks that are a very small piece in the firm’s operations–of say, defending Enron. Yet still, they are smiling because they’re getting a huge paycheck (for being treated like crap) and not having enough of a conscience to take a job that doesn’t further corporate interests over individual rights.
      Yes, I know its a job and someone has to do it, but I won’t be that person.

    21. Jess says:

      So the question stands. If your firm is organized as a professional corporation, will you still work there and “further corporate interests”?

    22. AnonymousCoward says:

      Jess, I hear equivocation is a great strategy in legal argument that judges never ever see through. I see from your posts here that you’re something of an expert with the technique, so I was wondering if you could confirm my impressions?

    23. Not-1L says:

      Dear 1L,
      Do you have a chip on your shoulder or something? You sound jealous and bitter – as though maybe you applied to a bunch of top 50 firms and none of them wanted you? Don’t take it too personally. It’s probably just your grades and how you interview.

      – Not 1L

    24. Me says:

      The notion of law students doing “real work” at their summer jobs is laughable. Serious, we love y’all, and we see potential in many of you, but your current work-product is worthless.

    25. oh a janitor? says:

      i thought it was the associate going back to clear out his desk, assuming he was to be laid off to make room for the new crop

    26. Anonymous says:

      I thought he was throwing away the offer letter because it and the job are worthless.

    27. 1L says:

      Jess — No, at my summer job, I’ll be assisting plaintiffs suing corporations and government entities for employment and civil rights related issues.

      Not-1L — I’d never apply to those firms; I only interviewed with one practitioner, and that is whom I am working with this summer. I’d say my interview skills are just fine – 100% offer rate. And unlike many other 1L’s I know, I won’t be doing menial work, I’ll be accompanying the partner to trials, and I’ll actually be getting paid.

      Its not like I chose this carrer route because of low grades or anything, I’m top 15% at a Tier 1 school.

      The chip on my shoulder is how I cannot understand the lack of humanity these large firms have. There’s a reason big defense firms have a lower employee retention rate than small plaintiff’s firms. I’m ecstatic that I have the opportunity to witness the fall of these dinosaurs.

    28. wah wah wah says:

      jesus mr. 1L who is actually top 51% at a tier 4 school has a bug up his ass. fuck you, do-gooder.