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    Friday, May 22, 2009

    lebron Courtoon

    4 responses to “Friday, May 22, 2009”

    1. John says:

      “…and Thomas doesn’t even stir.”

    2. Fishmango says:

      hahahah! Dude as a 2nd year law student I just went through all of your cartoons and they are so damn funny. You gotta put these in a book and sell them in every law school in the country

    3. CJ says:

      Pretty damn funny DM. Good to see those stodgy Justices finally relaxed the dress code. As for me, “I don’t wear jerseys I’m thirty-plus, give me a crisp pair a jeans …button ups”

    4. witness says:

      Whoaaa!! I think you deserve credit for Lebron’s miracle game-winner tonight Dave. In the post-game interview he said this courtoon really fired him up. As a Laker fan, how ’bout you draw up a special Kobe courtoon for tomorrow