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    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    long-week Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    6 responses to “Tuesday, May 26, 2009”

    1. Fordham Law '10 says:

      Dave – after seeing this one, I wonder if the caption was meant to refer to this website… or were you just way too busy over Memorial Day Weekend?
      jk! great stuff always :-)

    2. Spreague says:

      Hey, it’s like working with a partner for the first assignment in 1L Legal Writing! Though I think I might have been the turd…

    3. Stacy says:

      This is exactly how I’ve been feeling during the past week and a half at my first-ever law clerking job…

    4. Vic says:

      This will now be hanging on the wall. Ever think of putting together a calendar, Dave?

    5. David Mills says:

      Glad to hear this one is wall worthy. I’m thinking of trying to put some sort of book together at some point, maybe with some never-before-seen Courtoons. A calendar also seems like a good idea. Maybe I can make some of the words slanty.

    6. Mike G says:

      Please make a calendar, I promise to buy one and it will definitely be hanging in my office.