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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    caps-lock Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    6 responses to “Thursday, May 28, 2009”

    1. Whaaaat? says:

      So true.

    2. JonathanM says:

      This should be an exhibit in all firm style guides.

    3. LovingCourtoons says:

      This one is so funny!

    4. s says:

      love it! i’m working an appellate job this summer, writing briefs all day, so the appellate themed comics are awesome!

    5. Anonymous says:

      How do we break the cycle when lawyers and judges and professors insist on ALLCAPS?

    6. David says:

      While I hate it when people type in ALL CAPS, I frequently use all caps for headings, like in this courtoon. However, after reading this courtoon, I have turned off the caps lock key when writing/replying to motions.