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    Monday, June 1, 2009

    exercise-ball Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    8 responses to “Monday, June 1, 2009”

    1. Michael says:

      Leo Laporte, perhaps?

    2. jabmoi says:

      I rate it a definite “eh.” I want more bluebooking and driving!!

    3. Caroline says:

      I love this one.

    4. Sweet Georgia Brown says:

      Mine is pink. Should I leave it at home even though it would fit neatly under my desk when clients or partners are present?

    5. Someone Rightly says:


    6. Most racist cartoon i’ve ever seen.

    7. PP says:

      Will let this one slide out of sympathy over your obvious jealousy of my yoga skillz, but will be keeping an eye on you, Mills.

    8. David Mills says:

      I’ve actually considered switching to such a “chair” myself–I think it would help with some back problems. My extensive empirical research shows that people who opt for such chairs tend to go to the beat of their own drummer…(and can be top-notch attorneys (see, e.g., PP)). So Sweet Georgia Brown and her compadres should keep bouncing along, loose screws and all.