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    Friday, June 5, 2009

    alien versus creditor Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    18 responses to “Friday, June 5, 2009”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Understated, simple, and hilarious!

    2. Ah-nold says:

      Understated, simple, and hilarious!

    3. S.A. says:

      He doesn’t even look phased. Must be a secure(d) creditor.

    4. Mr. Cat says:

      yayaya dis mai favrite mOovy!!! git loL lol Mew from me!

      but y prediter look lyke dacter ekzavyer from eks men? :(

    5. anon says:

      “He doesn’t even look phased. Must be a secure(d) creditor.”

      And not a bondholder of a unionized company….

    6. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

      Also, the creditor needs to eat something — he’s looking a bit lien.

    7. Ryan says:

      I laughed out loud when I read this one. Keep up the good work.

    8. Joe says:

      All too true, unfortunately.

    9. Dex says:

      Love it!

    10. mwasseresq says:

      The Honorable Ellen Ripley Presiding!

    11. E says:

      Silly creditor, you’re violating the automatic stay.

    12. Law Clerk says:

      I think the guy on the right side of the panel is the scariest!

    13. Cali law student says:

      OK, this one tops the charts. That and the supremacy clause one with the Super-Man guy stomping Santa Clause. F*&%king awesome both. I’ve been watching your site for going on a year and never made a comment, and I just had to this time!

    14. Anonymous says:

      Can i ask why Mr Cat speaks in BVE? What’s the deal? And thinking it’s pejorative and using it ironically to demonstrate as much doesn’t explain it either. Can someone clue me in? Many thanks.

    15. UGA says:

      If you read the creditor’s words in a Woody Allen voice, it adds a new level of funny. Well done.

    16. Mr. Cat says:

      HAY anonymus : becuz I”M a CAT stoopid .

      kwestyun FAIL

    17. Anonymous says:

      Seriously, you think this is funny? Dude.

    18. ab says: