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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    supramarket Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    15 responses to “Monday, June 15, 2009”

    1. S.A. says:

      Sounds like the supramarket is infrauriating.

    2. Jimmy says:

      Supraman must be their stock boy.

    3. paul says:

      or maybe bluebook boy is their stock boy? on an unrelated note, the periods in “id.” aren’t properly italicized.

    4. anon says:

      the period in “id.” is not supposed to be italicized or underlined.

    5. Blue Book says:

      paul is right, anon is wrong. The “i” in “id.” is only capitalized when it begins a citation sentence. The underline always runs under the period.

      It just makes me sad that I cannot underline or italicize it in this comment. I have failed my own rules.

    6. David Mills says:

      The inspiration for this one came via e-mail to me some time ago, and I can’t find the e-mail. If that person reminds me who he is, I’ll give appropriate credit here.

    7. Anonymous says:

      Did the Bluebook change? The 18th edition says “Note that the period at the end of ‘id.’ is always italicized.” It also says “The underline always runs under the period.”

    8. Anonymous says:

      This Courtoon is one of my all-time favorites. Great work, David!

    9. David Mills says:

      Ok–the inspiration for this came from an E. Martin….he’s had a few good ideas, including what led to the “passim” Courtoon. Well done, sir.

    10. Leo says:

      As a 3L in the middle of grading write on submissions, I thank you for this.

    11. J.G. says:

      The fact that people are commenting here by debating whether the period should be italicized . . . tells me I’ve come to the right place.

    12. Deepo says:

      The fourth can of peas needs a parenthetical.

    13. SME says:

      I don’t think the citation supports the proposition . . . better recall the can of peas from the stockroom to double check.

    14. IPstorytelling says:

      The bluebook and the italicized or not Id’s can go screw themselves…

    15. Nikki B says:

      The Supramarket should not be using Id. so many times in a row without giving the full citation again.