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    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    discovery channel Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    8 responses to “Wednesday, June 17, 2009”

    1. Joe says:

      Ahh, plaintiff’s attorneys….

    2. Nate144 says:

      Awesome. Just awesome.

    3. David Mills says:

      Another note of credit due to E. Martin for some inspiration on this one….

    4. Atom says:

      This one was really good.

    5. Nicholas says:


    6. Greedy Links: Take Our Advice Edition…

      We’ve got all kinds of advice for you this week. See below for that, but first some news links: Legal Current recounts a 60 Minutes piece in which parsing definitions from Black’s Law Dictionary figures prominently. 60 Minutes is now……

    7. Lori says:

      HA! Love this!

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