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    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    with all due respect Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    11 responses to “Thursday, July 9, 2009”

    1. Trevor M. Rose says:

      Studying for the bar exam in Texas. This made my day. Thanks David.

    2. Ali says:

      This reminds me of when I was in law school. A fellow student always started off his “you’re an idiot” comments with “as my esteemed colleague Mr. X said…”

    3. mwasseresq says:

      David, with all due respect, this Courtoon…

    4. law clerk says:

      Same with “no offense…”


      Savy Boston Legal reference.

      Also, this cartoon is RACIST.

    6. Writ Taking Man says:

      You know, the douche[i]bag[/i] always gets the spotlight in comic material. What about the nozzle? The nozzle is underutilized.

    7. Joe says:

      It’s right up there with the Southern use of “bless her/his little heart, but….”

    8. Tracey says:

      … and “but” tells you to ignore everything you said before it, as in, “He’s a nice guy, but…”

    9. Ryan says:

      Joe: you’re right, but the differenece is that the “bless his heart” bit makes things become not offensive. You can say the more horrible things about any person, but if you add a little heart blessing, it suddenly becomes unoffensive to anyone.

      “Well bless Mr. Jones’ heart, I heard he got herpes from a rabid goat”. Totally O.K. Even Mr. Jones would not be offended. It’s a little weird here in the south.

    10. Alexis says:

      Ryan is spot on! I chuckle about this all the time, especially when talking about someone I can’t stand, bless his/her heart…