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    Caption Winner

    contest nicole richie Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    This is the winning caption among some great entries….

    Congratulations to J. Whitney for this gem, which set quite a high bar for the contest.  He will received a signed photo-quality print.

    There were a ton of great entries.  Many (including me) liked Kpawss (“Surprisingly, a lineal descendant appeared during probate.”), and J (“As you can see from Exhibit A to our motion for fees, associates who bill 24 hours a day and do not take meal breaks for two months in a row, can, in fact, still be productive.  Come on, show him how you can dance, too.”).

    I also must reluctantly admit that I laughed at Anonymous (noting that, with trial set in two weeks, “IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!”).  That is a stellar reference to an internet-star dancing banana that did not go unnoticed.  (Mr. Cat’s “u haz a life FAIL” comment is also up there, even though not a contest entry.)

    Thanks again for all the entries.  I will keep the Courtoons coming.


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