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    Monday, July 20, 2009

    sam tim palsgraf steamroller Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    16 responses to “Monday, July 20, 2009”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Oh good, no more Sam and Tim Courtoons. They’re dead, right?

    2. Slum Shady says:

      This Courtoon is RACIST! How are the Squirrel and the Turtle dead when the roller is yet to roll over them? Unless, it is re-rolling over their bodies, in which case this is murder. Will we be seeing the launch of a parallel mystery seris on Courtoons? Oh btw, Rev. Jesse Jackson was crying when he saw this Courtoons. Another homie lost to the streets. Lord!, I lost so many peers and shed so many tears.

    3. Jeff says:

      Slum: it’s not a roller…it’s scales that killed Ms. Palsgraf….scales! Also, shouldn’t someone have a box of fireworks here?

    4. WTF says:

      (pours some out for his dead homies)

    5. Ms. Palsgraf says:

      I just love the courtoons featuring me! They always make me giggle. ::giggles until falling out of her chair, hitting her head on the desk::

    6. Tracey says:

      The skid marks, of course, are leading up to Mrs. Palsgraf.

    7. J says:

      If the past week of Tim and Sam was set up for this cartoon … that is brilliant! Well played Mr. Mills.

    8. Huge Courttoons Fan says:

      Yes J, its like spending a whole concert set tuning a guitar and playing one decent three minute song at the end.

      I miss the old courttoons….

    9. RyanL says:

      I hope this is the end of the RACIST Tim and Sam. Racist.

    10. Finally! says:

      Ding dong, the turtle and squirrel are dead! Bring back the real Courtoons now.

    11. PBJ says:

      NO, Huge Courttoons Fan, it’s like spending 15 minutes in the middle of a concert tuning a guitar, only to promptly turn around and smash it into tiny pieces Keith Moon-style. Awesome.

      Also, I essentially predicted this last week, and how happy it would make me to see these two run over.

      Mills: get back to the awesomely nerdy legal puns and dispense with the anthropomorphic characters. This is not Dilbert.

      PS – Yes, I know Keith Moon is a drummer, not a guitar player. I was referring to him as a pioneer of instrument destruction.

    12. Jess says:

      Having seen some roadkill turtles, I really think Tim should look more like a crushed skittle.

    13. Fordham Law '10 says:

      Mr. Mills – I love your work, but don’t ever attempt a 3D drawing again. it looks like Sam and Tim fell through a sinkhole rather than crossed a street!

      generally though, I love the Mrs. Palsgraf courtonns, but I could do without all the other characters (besides Supraman, of course!) I think your best work is in “nerdy legal puns,” as someone noted above, as well as courtroom scenes…

      *he says with a wink, cuz he means it totally good naturedly. he LOVES Courtoons!*

    14. Fordham Law '10 says:

      David — how about a Courtoon with two guys in a boat eating Mrs. Palsgraf, with the caption: “Mrs. Palsgraf takes a cruise with Dudley and Stevens”

    15. Tracey says:

      See, now I have both John Hiatt’s Perfectly Good Guitar and John Flynn’s Roadkill Cafe running through my head… thanks a lot, guys. (look it up on YouTube if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

    16. Monkey says:

      That was no roller or scale! That was the POH-Liiice. Another young brother gone way too soon. *Click-Click! loads his gun and puts on a vest for protection*. Westsiiiide!