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    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    abuse of discretion Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    17 responses to “Thursday, July 23, 2009”

    1. firsty mcfirst says:

      first to say well drawn

      first to say love the squirrel, where’s the turtle?

      first to say this is how i plan to approach my clerkship

    2. mwasseresq says:

      Tim must be underage

    3. Jeremy says:

      You can habeas my corpus anytime, baby.

    4. PBJ says:

      Anyone know of any hot district court judges? I’ve only come across one.

    5. firsty mcfirst says:

      hotties on the bench? tired topic. that’s what made a3g!


    6. Tracey says:

      “Your honor, I’d like to make a motion…”

    7. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is movingly racist.

    8. Anonymous says:

      May it please the court…may I approach with an exhibit.

    9. X-Partay says:

      “Mr. Hutz, are you aware you’re not wearing any pants?”

    10. Spreague says:

      Counselor, you are invited to a private “ex parte” I’m having in my chambers. You better not bring anyone with you. ;) ;)

    11. Kiwi Lawyer says:

      May it Please your Honour…and by “it” I mean “I”…

    12. Stacy says:

      This seriously reminds me of my boss… no joke..

    13. Tracey says:

      If she turns him down, can he appeal?

    14. Tracey says:

      … and if he wins his appeal, does that mean he will get her reversed?

    15. aww says:

      Good one Mills.

    16. snarktastic says:

      this is most likely the best cartoon [not just courtoon] i have ever seen.

      well played, sir.

    17. BMal says:

      “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are ripe for appeal.”