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    Friday, July 24, 2009

    contract law sleeping Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    16 responses to “Friday, July 24, 2009”

    1. almost 2L says:

      So thats why I’d fall asleep in the library… the K book should’ve had some medical warnings on it.

    2. Business Law Prof says:

      Haha . . . You are going to hurt my feelings. Just kidding . . . I’m a law professor; I don’t have any feelings.

    3. In-house says:

      Funny, that is how I felt about my Torts book while I am still trying to get the Peevyhouses their restitution.

    4. lawschooldrunk says:

      Reeeaaaallllyyyyy. I found my contracts case book to be the most interesting of all my 1L books. civ-pro on the other hand…

    5. Blue Book says:

      Glad it wasn’t me.

    6. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is RACIST!

    7. Writ Taking Man says:

      I do appreciate your reintroducing Sam into his natural habitat.

    8. Dumblawyer says:

      I remember reading a case from my Contracts book about offer *yawn* and acceptance and . . . Zzzzzzzzzz.

    9. t says:

      Thanks for the U of M shout out :)

    10. 2L Wanna be IP Lawyer says:

      Out K-book was a great introduction to the law. One case holds one thing, the next holds the exact opposite. Half-way through, your bald from pulling your hair out.

    11. Atom says:

      Come on. Hamer v. Sedgeway (sp?) is probably the most interesting case ever taught in law school. Not even Palsgraf comes close due to the unnecessary length of Cardozo’s opinion and Andrew’s dissent.

    12. Law School Sophist says:

      Oh Contracts, how I loathe thee. Thank God I got out of my first year unscathed.

    13. Trent says:

      Go Blue!

    14. Kiwi Lawyer says:

      He’d better be careful – Contract textbooks are a gateway drug to harder stuff….like Tax.

    15. Cemari Judgment says:

      First contracts then tax then the OTHER articles in the UCC–is there a 12 step reprogram for those trapped in Article 5 & 9 addiction?