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    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    crack cocaine sentencing Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    16 responses to “Tuesday, July 28, 2009”

    1. Slum Shady says:

      This Courtoon is RACIST! Just because the squirrel is black it’s selling crack and locked up? The NAACP will be beyond angry when they get a hold of your Courtoons, Dave. Ya’ll think you can lock a brother up and 5-0 us whenever ya’ll want? One love my homies. I ain’t mad atcha. Ain’t no justice for the dawgs.

    2. Fat in the Sun says:

      Would it be racist to point out all of the grammer and spelling errors?

    3. Jason says:

      It looks to me like the white dude is the one in the cell….and also that his buttcrack is showing…half empty half full.

    4. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist – not all white guys have their butt cracks hanging out. That’s stereotyping, yo! And Obama is not a natural born US citizen FTW!

    5. Confused says:

      Would it be wrong to point out all of your spelling and “grammer” errors too? Oddly enough, lawyers should know how to do these things properly.

    6. Vic says:

      The Ohio Legislature finally implements the “Plumber’s Law”

    7. Tracey says:

      I think Slum Shady is the racist one, for assuming that the “black” squirrel is the one in jail. Surely you saw the earlier cartoons, where it was stated that Sam the squirrel is a criminal defense attorney? The white guy is the one in jail, and he’s hoping that the change in the law will get him out of jail sooner. His attorney corrects him.

    8. RyanL says:

      Tracey is a reverse-RACIST! (…or is that “racist reverser”?)

    9. Jess says:

      I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played, but I think its fair to say Slum Shady acted stupidly.

    10. Fordham Law '10 says:

      this joke is great. however, 2 issues with the drawing:

      1) true, the joke makes sense with the guy in jail and the squirrel as his attorney. however, if you look at the cell walls, IMO they appear to enclose the squirrel. i don’t mean to sound all technical RE: a cartoon, but that instant first impression does make it a bit confusing. as I have said in the past: I love your work, Dave; but you should stay away from 3D drawings :-)

      2) the guy’s butt is way too small; I did not even notice it (and hence I did not even get the joke) until I saw it explained in the comments. his butt should have been drawn a lot bigger…

      btw, to those that were confused as to the roles here, I ask you one question: have you ever seen a black guy with a plumber’s crack?? of course it’s the white guy with crack.

      and I’ve realized why you only see white guys with the plumber’s crack:

      a) black guys’ jeans don’t fall down cuz they are always holding ’em up with one hand!

      b) the only MEN with the big asses are white; it’s the black WOMEN that have the big booty! (and besides, they are usually covering it with overalls;-)

    11. Tracey says:

      See, silly me, I thought it was the cracks on the wall that the joke was referring to…

    12. Jimmy says:

      Two crack puns is too much!

    13. Writ Taking Man says:

      Fordham Law ’10: I dub thee the grand wizard of criticism & explanation.

    14. MillsFan says:

      I can’t wait for tomorrow’s courtoon. I am hoping to see Tim Turtle and some full frontal. I like the new PG-13-rated Mills.

    15. Slum Shady says:

      Hey ya’ll. I be representin’ to the fullest. This goes out to my brothers in the jails out there. It’s the POH-leece that ain’t down wit us. We’re tryin to make a livin’ by just keepin’ our mind on the money and the money on our mind. So now it’s ‘187 on the undercover cop!’

      @Tracey and Jess

      That’s how the white man holds us down ya’ll. Clearly the squirrel is takin’ the hit for the white boi! The white boi is in the hallway leading to the jail bars. The squirrel is still in jail. He ain’t no snitch. I ain’t mad atcha though. One love.

    16. Fordham Law '10 says:

      Writ Taking Man:

      no criticism. ‘saw good brother ;-)