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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    kool aid Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    9 responses to “Wednesday, July 29, 2009”

    1. WTF says:

      AWESOME! Next up, Macho Man Randy Savage with “SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!”

    2. Ryan says:

      Did our beloved cartoonist watch that Family Guy episode where everyone says “Oh No!” and then the kool aid guy busts through the courtroom wall and says “Oh Yeah!”?

    3. Jimmy says:

      Prosecutor: “Mr. Kool-Aid, did you commit the theft of twenty-nine pounds of sugar from the Kwiky Mart?”
      Mr. Kool-Aid: “OH YEAAHH!!”
      Defense Attorney: *Face palm*

    4. PBJ says:

      The defendant has entered a plea of OH YEAHHHH GUILTY. Please take the defendant into custody. Sentencing set for next week.

    5. Fl bar exma says:

      Oh yeah!!! Congrats bar exam finishers! Courtoons got me through the summer! Thanks David and supraman

    6. David says:

      …but it’s compelling nevertheless.

    7. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

    8. Tracey says:

      See, this is why I don’t wear a red dress in court. I might be mistaken for the Kool-Aid pitcher.

    9. broje says:

      Since you are coming out with a book, this entry presents an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash in product placement fees.

      On the other hand, if you don’t at least get permission to use that Trademark, you might get sued. Fair Use is no defense to Trademark Infringement.