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    Monday, August 3, 2009

    bar exam after Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    10 responses to “Monday, August 3, 2009”

    1. Slum Shady says:

      Oh my GAWWD! Please tell me that you did not just put up a RACIST Courtoon! Are we to take it as a mere co-incidence that you’ve come out with a Courtoon on ‘beer’ right around the time that the ‘beer summit’ occurred? Now you do know that the ‘beer summit’ was held to soothe racial tensions. But why did you have to go there Dave? Damn, I get the feeling sometimes that makes me wonder why you want to take us under. Don’t push me coz I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head.

    2. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist. A white guy drinking beer, wine, vodka and whiskey? Maybe for an encore you’ll have a black guy drinking malt liquor from a fo-dy.

    3. Blue Book says:

      I like Courtoons better when all the comments are not trying to figure out how to call it racist. See, e.g., Slum Shady, supra; and RyanL, supra.

    4. Danlwilee says:

      I’m with Blue Book. The whole “Racist” schtick was cute for a while but it’s long since lost its impact. Now it’s simply an irritation to skip over.

    5. Tracey says:

      This “racist” business reminds me of the band name “Be Sharps” in The Simpsons: it’s witty at first, but seems less funny each time you hear it.

    6. Rev. Wright says:

      Only white racists claim there is no longer a race problem in this country…I’m looking in your direction Tracey, Danlwilee, and Blue Book.

    7. Danlwilee says:

      Yes, I recant my comments. Why? Well, there is a cartoon which I could see very clearly and could have chosen to comment on. But instead I chose to focus on the comments and make them the focal point of my tirade. Man, I really need to get that sand out of my va***a.

    8. nate144 says:

      I guess the bar takers were too hungover to comment on this one. Well done sir, I chose e) frequently on my post bar exam bar exam, and barely remember the following week.

      To all of you bar takers, if you read this site all summer, then you probably failed because you should have been studying instead of reading silly cartoons. Cheers!

    9. JD, JD says:

      I love this!!!

    10. YO!! says:

      Great Courtoon!! I just finished the PA & NJ bar exams… And this is a perfect ending to months of test taking hell..!!