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    Break in the Action

    Courtoon boyThe streak of a Courtoon every weekday for 34 weeks has come to an end.  (I actually thought I might run out of ideas around week 3.)  I will continue to post Courtoons as I generate them here and there, so continue to check in.  Also, a number of people have asked for signed prints, and I am working on an addition to the site to enable orders.  I’m also hoping to create a Courtoons book, which I intend to be well suited for law offices (or perhaps for lining bird cages).

    But why, you ask, is the streak ending?  In short: Not enough hours in the day.  As The Mills Law Office LLC approaches its one-year anniversary, a significant amount of time is required of its managing partner (me) and janitor (me).  The good news is that things are busy; the bad news is that Courtoons has to take the hit.  (Of course, for those who think Courtoons absolutely suck, this is a win-win.  See, e.g., Anonymous Commenter #11 v. Courtoons, 12 U.S. 345 (AboveTheLaw Aug. 6, 2009).)

    Finally, thank you for following Courtoons.  There were many times (usually around 11:43 pm on a Wednesday while cursing out a blank piece of paper) that I thought Courtoons might end, but remembering a comment or e-mail motivated me to keep them coming.  Very appreciated.


    51 responses to “Break in the Action”

    1. K says:

      We will miss you. :(

    2. Donald says:

      Checking your blog has been the first thing I do after getting back from court every day for a while now. And at least once a week, I end up circulating a cartoon amongst colleagues in the office. (Your ERISA cartoon is still on our bulletin board!)

      You mentioned a Courtoons book, but what about one of those page-a-day desk calendars instead? Your cartoons would seem to be perfectly suited for that.

      Good luck with the practice; I know only too well the ebb-and-flow of solo practice (especially trying to grow an appellate practice), and agree that flow is always better than ebb, even if some other, fun activities have to take a backseat.

    3. bff says:

      Your comics have been pointed out by my law professors, passed around among my friends, and enjoyed by many *many* more than those who comment here. But I doubt that’s helping you grow the appellate practice.

      I do hope you do the book because I would purchase it if only to thank you for having done such a great job over the past few months. Agree with Donald — page a day calandar also a good plan.

      Best of luck, and thanks.

    4. Stacy says:

      Courtoons has made my early mornings more tolerable for quite some time now; I guess now I will just have to substitute in even more coffee…

      Thanks for making my first year in law school humorous rather than painful. Going to miss the daily updates quite a bit, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.

    5. Irish says:

      Congrats on work going well! You helped me survive a law summer of brutal studying for the bar exam. Keep ’em coming when you have the time and know that the support is being returned that you gave students (um, graduated unemployed recent bar-takers…) like me!! Best of luck and I’ll keep checking back.

    6. Rob says:

      Best wishes! I shall continue looking forward to the next strip however long the wait.

    7. firsty mcfirst says:

      So sad to hear the daily updates will be coming to an end! I suggest stocking up on some courtoons as you think of them and maybe you’ll be able to adopt a mwf routine like so many other webtoons. And I’m so glad to hear the reason for the absence is good business! As someone who wants to eventually hang a shingle in a specialized area, you are an inspiration!

    8. Vic says:

      Need a janitor? Seriously…bummer man. My early morning routine is now not going to have a laugh.

    9. Fordham Law '10 says:


      For the time being I will miss logging on at 12:01 AM so I could be the first to comment “This Courtoon is RACIST!”;-) but thanks for the laughs…. hope courtoons will be around in one form or another for a long time to come…

      how about allowing readers to sublmit courtoons, and each day yo pick one as the “Courtoon of the Day”? that would be much less work for you, but that way we’d still get a Courtoon a day!”

      Readers: how about we all list our favorite Courtoons?

      mine would have to be:

      Ted Koppel Estoppel
      the one w/ Justice Thomas’s mic with the plug pulled out
      most of the Mrs. Palsgraf ones

    10. almost 2L says:

      Awww dave. Really, you should consider quitting your law practice to keep courtoons afloat. There’s gotta be some way to market it and make $$.

      I will miss checking the ‘toons every night at 9pm PST.

    11. TDM says:

      I’m also on the west coast and loved checking the Courtoon at 9pm. I have several of them posted in my office (including the new Bluebook and the one about corporate attorneys in law school).

      Daily Courtoons will be sorely missed, but congratulations on your busy law practice!

    12. Dumblawyer says:

      It was really nice to have found this funny blog by someone who apparently enjoys the law enough to find the humor in it. I especially liked the caption contests. They got me trying to think up silly things all day long, which gave me a little respite from the usual stresses of litigation. Sometimes I tried to think of my own courtoons. I’m sure other people did too. I often wondered if there was a way to share them with you or just give you ideas about future courtoons.

      Good luck with the practice.

    13. Laura says:

      Like many others here have said – I will miss checking Courtoons early in the morning to start my day off with a laugh (although my husband probably won’t miss me trying to explain why I’m laughing – he usually just throws his hands up and makes some comment about lawyers & weird senses of humor). Thanks for all the laughs & good luck!

    14. Tracey says:

      My favorites were the geek ones (Han Solo Practitioner; Alien v. Creditor, etc.), because, well, I’m a geek, so sue me.

      I don’t know what I’ll do without my daily fix of Courtoons. For what it’s worth, you might want to check out the law review article I cited once before: 78 Neb. L. Rev. 587 (1999). It’s chock full o’ law-related puns… not suggesting that you actually Courtoon-ize his jokes (perish the thought), but they might give you some ideas.

    15. Tracey says:

      Oh: and Update your Facebook status to guilty. That was another favorite. And if I keep going on like this, I’ll start to sound like Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch “My favorite Courtoon was… my *two* favorite Courtoons were…”

      If I think of any good punchlines, I’ll let you know. But as for submitting actual Courtoons, as Fordham suggested… let’s just say that my artwork would make your Nicole Ritchie naked sketch look pretty sophisticated.

    16. Spreague says:

      “Rogue Judicial Law Clerk” is easily my favorite, and the Clerk’s Office loves you for giving their work a shout out in “Alex Trebek.” I’m really sad that I won’t have my daily dose of humor, but I’m glad your practice is doing well. If I see a staircase labeled “Stair E,” I will add a “decisis” underneath in your honor.

    17. Steve says:

      Courtoons are great. I’ve been checking them every morning since I discovered them. I think my favorite may have been facebook adding a shepardize feature–either that or supraman. I hope you can keep them trickling out every now and then, and I’ll be looking for that book. Good luck with the practice.

    18. mwasseresq says:

      Courtoons became my iPhone’s first job every morning. I shall await the triumphant return of Supraman, Mrs. Palsgraf, Tim, Sam and the other toons. In the meantime, goodbye and good luck!

    19. Anonymous says:

      Man… I created a steady stream of Courtoons followers at my place of employment this summer. My former co-workers and classmates are going to be bummed…

    20. RyanL says:

      This break in the action is racist.

    21. Rising 2L says:

      Ditto to these sentiments. Your courtoons brought smiles to my fellow classmates and joy to many of my professors. Even my judge this summer, who doesn’t always smile, chuckled when shown some of your courtoons.

      You will be missed. But the book would definitely be bought.

    22. first year associate says:

      Oh no!! I look forward to checking the daily courtoons every day!! This will make my days much more bleak. I wish I had commented before so it maybe would have kept you motivated to keep on going… oh well, hopefully one day you will come back. Till then I must say my two favorites were: the appellate argument at home (I didn’t go to the bar, in the alternative I didn’t drink) and the recent shepardizing hits facebook. You’ve got talent!

    23. Anonymous says:

      Too bad! Well, enjoy the less-demanding pace, and I hope the extra free time results in at least a few more Courtoons.

    24. Peter Schultheiss says:

      You did a great job Dave! The Courtoons wil be missed, even by a guy who never studied law and didn’t understand half of them. Keep jotting down ideas and maybe you can surprise us with another run in the future.

    25. The Saddened Lawyer says:

      Your Courtroons will be missed! :-(

    26. Amy says:

      I agree with all the others that it is sad to not have our daily humor, but happy that things are actually going well for someone out there in the legal field. Please keep this site up so that we can all revisit the old courtoons.
      Thanks and I look forward to the book!

    27. firsty mcfirst says:

      Can we look forward to a courtoons illustrated “how to parlay your clerkship into a thriving solo practice” book? Or at least a post?

    28. Lucretia says:

      Aw. Please do remember that we enjoy your work and please give us whatever you can in the future. Well done Mr. Mills.

    29. BeakerBoy says:

      So long and thanks for all the Courtoons.

    30. Vic says:

      The unplugged Thomas microphone is a classic! Easily my favorite. (Though I liked Han Solo practitioner too!)

    31. Jed says:

      Awww. :( Well, I certainly understand, but I’m going to miss my morning courtoon.

    32. Jess says:

      Thanks for all the laughs! I’m a relative newcomer to this site, but have come to love courtoons. Definitely pursue the book idea, and in the meantime, if you continue to produce any new courtoons, maybe consider creating a listserv whereby the dedicated followers of this website could sign up to receive your periodic courtoons via email. Best of luck with your appellate practice, and hope you continue producing the occasional courtroon and brining smiles to many jaded attorneys’ faces :-)

    33. jscheller says:


      I will miss the toons – glad to hear you are getting busy. I would probably be really peeved if I did not have my own autographed copy of the discovery request framed and sitting on my desk:) Many of the attorneys in my office have expressed interest in a framed copy of other toons – –


    34. kimberly says:

      Aw, man! I’ll miss seeing them every day, but I am super glad that you are busy. I’ve still got you in my RSS feed, so I won’t miss anything. Wishing you tons of great happenings, and thanks again for putting some laughter into my days~

    35. Slum Shady says:

      It’s sad to see one of the few resources for lawyers on the web come to a premature end. And yes, it was a resource, as it not only pointed out the law in some way or the other, but also made it enjoybale to go through the multiple nuances involved. I hope you didn’t mind the ‘racist’ comments. It was only good natured teasing. Hope you have a good career ahead and to conclude, do think of turning this into a Dilbert type of series if you can. Mail WSJ law blawg and let them have a look at your web page and the references it has got so far on other websites. Would be cool if they could put up your column once a week on their weekend issues. Should get you more fans. But, I’m not sure you want to leave your practice at all. Do you?

    36. Slum Shady says:

      Oh. I just noticed that your post is titled “Break in the Action”. I think we might see you again sometime down the line. Sort of like the Batman. Rescuing us from the sloth we find ourselves in while reviewing copious amounts of documents and injecting a much need dose of humour into our workplace. It’s just that you’re the cartoonist that the legal profession deserves, but not the one it needs. We shall wait for you Courtoonist.

    37. Slum Shady says:

      Oh. I just noticed that your post is titled “Break in the Action”. I think we might see you again sometime down the line. Sort of like the Batman. Rescuing us from the sloth we find ourselves in while reviewing copious amounts of documents and injecting a much needed dose of humour into our workplace. It’s just that you’re the cartoonist that the legal profession deserves, but not the one it needs. We shall wait for you Courtoonist.

    38. Sad Sad Sad says:

      Checking the day’s Courtoon has been my favorite nightly routine. Laughing at an inside joke that you can share with an entire profession is a beautiful thing, and your wit and insight will be very missed, to the extent you end up being gone a bit.

      Thanks for the laughs. Here’s to a busy future that allows you to pay a janitor so that you can allow some time to write more Courtooons. Maybe the book royalties will suffice–just to be sure, I’ll buy several copies.

    39. notsofirst says:

      Dude, we’re going to sue you for not giving us our courtoons! We’re entitled to courtoons now! And healthcare!

    40. Fordham Law '10 says:

      O, and forgot to mention: of course, I love the Supraman ones!

      Dave, can you PLEASE make sure this site is always up, so that at the very least, we can always access these 34 wonderful weeks of Courtoons? Thanks

      how ’bout this Courtoon: (may have mentioned it once before): two guys on a boat killing a woman, with the caption “Mrs. Palsgraf goes sailing with Dudley and Stevens.”

      btw, for all you lawyers/law students that need laughs now, you MUST MUST MUST check out the greatest law review article ever written

    41. Tracey says:

      @Fordham: Ah, yes, that is a favorite. But don’t forget the groundbreaking work of C. Stephen Bradford in humorous law review articles, including Random Questions About Law School and the Law: The World’s First Socratic Law Review Article, 78 Neb. L. Rev. 587 (1999) (a collection of law-related puns in the for of philosophical questions; don’t forget to read the footnotes, which are even funnier) and As I Lay Writing: How to Write Law Review Articles for Fun and Profit, 44 J. Legal Educ. 13 (1994)

    42. Dawn says:

      Looking forward to the book, not only would I love one myself, I’d probably get a few for gifts! Congrats on the practice going like gangbusters, that’s something great to hear about these days!

    43. Jeanette says:

      Courtoons keeps me from dropping out.

      @Notsofirst – reliance? seek specific performance?

    44. MSC says:

      Thanks for the effort. I’ve enjoyed reading your cartoons, and I hope you keep it up. And I hope you get the money for a janitor as well.

    45. PTLaw says:

      I will miss your daily courtoons!

    46. Fordham Law '10 says:

      can we start a Mills Legal Fund? we’ll pay for the time it takes to write a daily courtoon, so Dave won’t lose time from his legal practice cuz this can be part of his legal practice!!!

      with all the crazy Courtoons fans, I’m sure we can get a few bucks from each every week and pay to continue our Courtoons!

    47. kktlawyer says:

      My day is not complete until I’ve seen the latest “Courtoon.” One of the few times something actually makes my laugh out loud!

      I’ll gladly and gratfeully contribute to a “Courtoon” fund.

      Also, I’d give anything (well, almost) for a signed print of “res ipsa loquiturtle.” Looking forward to your “tooning up” your site so I can order my print ASAP.

    48. Random1L says:

      As a blossoming law student, it’s refreshing to see that somewhere in the vast web of shark teeth, lies good-hearted (albeit career-deprecating) fun and laughs.

      We should create a “Law Humor” convention (check car keys at the door plz), and hope the crickets give us a break :P

    49. […] Courtoons Takes a Break […]

    50. Liz says:


      Recent favorites:
      -appellate lawyers’ convention (hee hee)
      -err jordan
      -facebook adds shepardizing
      -and (especially as a former law clerk) hitting on a district court judge

      Keep ’em coming when you can.