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    Friday, August 14, 2009

    cartoonist Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    Courtoons are back.  (At least for today.)  Thank you for all the comments regarding the Break in the Action.  I found the comment by Fordham Law ’10 at 6:50 about starting a “Mills Legal Fund” amusing, but it also got me thinking . . .

    A premise of this site is to follow the “Google model”:  Stuff on the web should be free.  Courtoons will of course stay that way.  That said, I crunched some numbers on my TI-81 calculator from high school and discovered that if just five people each want to donate $1.00, Courtoons could buy me a McDLT for lunch.  Who would turn down a McDLT?  Not this guy.  (Not Han Solo Practitioner, either.)  Cold side cold, and hot side hot?  C’mon.

    Thus, I’ve started an experiment: I’ve put in the right column one of those fancy “Donate” buttons that allows PayPal or credit cards.  We’ll call it the “Courtoons Fund” (the “Mills Legal Fund” sounds like I need to be sprung from prison). 

    But remember:  The internet is free.  So are Courtoons.  Now, if you feel like dropping a buck (or a gagillion bucks) in the Courtoons Fund, go right ahead.  Mrs. Palsgraf may even show up to say thanks.

    13 responses to “Friday, August 14, 2009”

    1. Tracey says:

      Hee hee! Yeah, we could use one of those boards in Delaware. A judge recently struck an attorney’s “brief” for “falling short of the standard expected of members of our bar.” Ouch. When the judge puts quotes around the word “brief” in describing your document, you know you’re in trouble. My favorite: the document asks for judgment “in the amount of [blank].” Yes, [blank]. The judge ordered the attorney to file a revised brief… and upon receiving it the court said that “counsel has whiffed again.” Yes, whiffed.

    2. Jason says:

      Haha YES- that reindeer is still awesome. I wish I had one following me around at work that would say “Damn” every time somebody gets burned.

    3. Ali says:

      Hooray! Long live the return of Courtoons!

    4. Dasha says:

      Ah, to come to work this morning and find Courtoons rss feed updated with a Friday cartoon. All is well with the world. Thank you!

    5. Joe says:

      Ouch. That’s not just a burn, that’s humiliating.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Considering putting ads on the site and/or the RSS feed… adsense text ads aren’t very invasive and it might make beer money.

    7. Fordham Law '11 says:

      Following upon the suggestion of a fellow Fordham Law dork, I sent $2 your way. Note, however, that there’s a condition: this $2 is not to be used towards a McBLT. Put it towards something healthier at Whole Foods instead.

    8. Mr. Cat says:

      wat u , meen u want my moneee. i use dis foar filay o fish. not for cartoonis. u mewlarius but not DAT mewlarious 1!

      owch. mr . cat 1: millz 0/.

    9. anon says:

      pledge to donate $1 for each person I email a courtoon.

    10. Baker McKenzie LLP says:


      This is baker mckenzie. Well like good legal talent. Especially legal talent that can ‘draw’. hahahaah I carack myself up. Wait, I digress. Since you have set up a Mills Fund. We are pleased to sponsor you. We will pay you

      1 MILLion dollars!

      IF, and ONLY IF, you use our gulfstream jet to travel and agree to the option of staying in the allotted locations such as the Bahamas, Morocco, Vienna, Bangkok, Perth, Rio De Janeiro, Houston, Vancouver, Paris or Milan. Also, you cannot take a leave of more than 90 days in a year.

      Is that ok with you?

      Oh and you’ll have to work for us and draw Cartoons depicting our clients in a positive light so the media falls in love with their personas, thereby making it challenging for the courts to convict them (not that they’re guilty). Also, since we expect Viacom to buy your Courtoon series and turn into a cartoon series and thereafter a movie featuring Vin Diesel and Danny De Vito, you have to authorise us to act on your behalf in transaction as and when it happens. Oh!, and it WILL happen. Yes it will.

    11. Tracey says:

      Danny DeVito will, of course, be playing Sam the Squirrel. Or should we get Tony Cox for that role, so it will be suitably racist?

    12. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

    13. Fordham Law '10 says:

      @ Fordham Law ’11: Screw Whole Foods. I refuse to shop anywhere that forces me to use paper bags. with that said, I am quite happy with Whole Foods’ CEO coming out strongly against “universal healthcare” recently, so perhaps I’m startin’ to like them a bit…

      Dave: Glad you took my suggestion to start a “Free Mills from Prison” fund;-)… If that idea had anything to do with the return of Courtoons, I’m quite honored.. (I should tell my mom; she’d be quite proud. This is probably the first time anyone has ever taken an idea of mine and made something productive of it…