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    Monday, August 17, 2009

    pro hac vice Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    15 responses to “Monday, August 17, 2009”

    1. TDM says:

      This Courtoon is worth the hiatus. Love it!

    2. Slum Shady says:

      You’re back? So soon! Was that earlier post about quitting a gag or did our imploring do the trick? Oh btw, the black guy looks like Michael Jackson.

    3. bff says:

      Nah, he said the daily posting would take the hit and made no promises for regular posts (i.e. every m/w/f). So we’ll take what we get and we’ll like it :-)

    4. Dumblawyer says:

      This is so terribly awesome! Theme to Miami Vice is stuck in my head now. Hated that show, but had to watch it for some reason. Crockit and Tubbs.

    5. lurker says:

      oh, lame. That one made me groan.

    6. Tracey says:

      hehehe…. that one’s giving me ’80s flashbacks…

    7. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

    8. Bsmith says:

      David, this one is fantastic

    9. David Mills says:

      Credit to my pal CG for the idea on this one. (And the next one….)

    10. Rhodo Zeb says:

      Hope springs eternal, I see.

      Good on ya. Them rings are coming, sooner or later.

    11. fan of this site says:

      This one made me laugh out loud…oh I’m such a nerd.

    12. eratatosk says:

      that’s hysterical.

    13. erin says:

      It’s like halloween 2005! Hilarious.

    14. Slum Shady says:

      Rhodo Zeb is obviously an oz or a wannabe

    15. Даа… После прочтения даже мне эта тема стала интересна.