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    Friday, September 4, 2009

    squid pro quo Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    25 responses to “Friday, September 4, 2009”

    1. Jeff Walden says:

      “cephalopod” :-)

    2. Anyone who can get Cephalapod into a cartoon is good by me. Thanks for the Friday laugh David!

    3. mwasseresq says:

      PETA must be outraged. Risking a squid for a Courtoon.

    4. Ryan says:

      This courtoon is racist! It discriminates against Octopi and Cuttlefish!!

    5. Tracey says:

      ow ow ow…

      But you know what they say, the beauty of a pun is in the “oy” of the beholder…

    6. Joe says:

      Yeah, some cases feel like that.

    7. Anonymous says:

      I like how she looks like she’s holding back a little vomit.

    8. knobular says:

      The best part is that without any legal work to do around the office, household chores are what it takes to make partner.

    9. Kiwi Lawyer says:

      Don’t squid have ten tentacles?

    10. Slum Shady says:

      This Courtoon is discriminatory on so many counts! The cephalopod resembles a KKK member and so this is racist; the guy and not the lady is the partner and so this is sexist; the partner is bald thereby implying that a young individual with hair cannot be one and so this is youngpeopleist; plus the bald partner is giving her a promotion in return for an unusual favor and so this is close to sexual harassment.

      Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out, when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish, and cephalopods act like they forgot about Dre.

    11. Did Eric and Dave start writing Courtoons?

    12. RyanL says:

      Your unwillingness to provide us a new courtoon is racist.

    13. chris says:

      dear courtoons,

      i miss you.

    14. Law Clerk says:

      I miss you too!

    15. Tracey says:

      Almost two weeks without a new Courtoon… I’m starting to get the shakes… Must make my own pun …

      A man walks into a bar. He says, “Ouch.”

    16. Joe says:

      Of course, there’s the obvious sequel:

      “Squid pro roe, Mr. Powers. Squid pro roe.”

    17. Anonymous says:

      It’s officially been two weeks since a new Courtoon. :(

    18. 2L says:

      I can’t take this anymore. Law school is too dry without courttoons. Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed knowing that I won’t find a courttoon waiting.

    19. Kiwi Lawyer says:

      I agree – you don’t even have to appear David – you could just file some ex parte courtoons…

    20. Tracey says:

      Ah, but that’s the problem Kiwi: Dave has become an ex-parte. He doesn’t want to parte with us any more. He has de-parte-d.

    21. mwasseresq says:

      Can I trade a squid for a Courtoon?

    22. David Mills says:

      Yes. I will step it up soon. I guarantee a new Courtoon by Friday.

    23. Canadian Lawyer says:

      Not wanting to Parte with us is poor Judgment on his part eh.

    24. Spreague says:

      My friends got tired of me wishing for a Courtoon, so they locked me in a room to detox. I saw Infraboy crawl on the ceiling and spin his head around. That’s normal, right? Right??

    25. Tracey says:

      You’d better get us another Courtoon! Otherwise (bad French accent mode on) I shall taunt you a second time!