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    Friday, October 2, 2009

    plaintiff attorney Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    17 responses to “Friday, October 2, 2009”

    1. mwasseresq says:

      The mass tort plaintiff firms may own the airline, but they are still low class! Thanks for bringing us a laugh on Friday again!

    2. Tracey says:


      (I think I want a t-shirt with that “damn” character… hehehe…)

    3. anonymous says:

      I guess standing up for common people’s civil rights is a low class job these days…
      Funny cartoon though.

    4. Justin Walsh says:

      I love it! So true. The joke, for those that didn’t get it, was that big firm will call us low class, not realizing we own the wineries that they purchase from. And because we’re largely our own boss, and not catering to corporations, we can be ourselves while doing it.

    5. Jess says:

      Does anyone know of an airline owned by a plaintiff’s lawyer? If so, I hope that their profitability outlook is somewhat better than the average airlines. In any case, said plaintiff’s lawyer investor should be personally protected by the limited liablity afforded by the airlines incorporation. I wonder if the enlightened plaintiff’s lawyer would have taken such a risk without that protection. That cool hat will also protect him from the suns harmful rays. Cautious fellow, this plaintiff’s lawyer.

    6. Mr. Cat says:

      deer. Justin walsh . u mae be amachur law pwofessor but u iz professhunul doosh bag !

      congrajulashuns ! ! 1 LOL lol LOLLLLLL

    7. Jason says:

      HAHAHA Bad-Ass Reindeer.

    8. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

    9. Slum Shady says:


      How is THIS Courtoon racist?

    10. Jeremy says:

      The Biglaw partner looks like he might be Jewish. I suppose that could be racist, somehow.

    11. Karl says:

      I want a T-Shirt with the damn-reindeer, too.

    12. Kiwi Lawyer says:

      I agree with RyanL

      The bad-ass reindeer’s “damn” could be considered a stereotype of “the black guy” character.

      Next he’ll be dropping ebonics all over the show “Your submissions are wack son”…

    13. X-Partay says:

      Ebonics? Wow, that’s a term I haven’t heard in a while.

    14. Okie says:

      I’m confused. Do lots of plaintiff’s attorney’s own wineries? I know a good number of plaintiff’s attorney’s here in Oklahoma… a few own wheat fields but no vineyards. Regional differences I guess.

    15. Slum Shady says:

      @ Jeremy

      “partner looks like he might be Jewish”

      Perhaps to you he does. But doesn’t that make YOU racist?

      @ Kiwi Lawyer

      Since when did ‘damn’ become the lingual prerogative of african americans? Pretty sure the word was coined by a white person. The fact that you feel the remark is characteristic of black people makes YOU racist. Not the Courtoon.

      Why is this still happening after we’ve elected a black president? There is a place out there and I know it is close to love; there is place where we can take our children and heal them and make the world a better place. If we give and share, we can live and care. Shamon *hiccup* Heeeeee heee *grunt* owww.

    16. seriously despondent 3L says:

      @ Slum Shady….

      As I was a newbie schooled on this phenomenon somewhat recently, may I pass along that you can relax… The “racist” bit is a snarky theme amongst courtooners, having no basis in the actual courtoon at hand, which is the tongue-in-cheek point. Get it? As in poking fun at the annoying propensity out there of “some people” to pinpoint anything as “racist”, regardless of any actual racism?

      It’s OK, I felt silly after my exasperated rant, too…. ;)