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    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Twombly Iqbal Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    16 responses to “Friday, October 23, 2009”

    1. ? says:

      I don’t get it. :(

    2. Jimmy says:

      Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 129 S. Ct. 1937 (2009)

    3. WTF says:

      AWESOME! MTD humor…love it!!!

    4. Bob Saget, host of AFHV says:

      That’s gotta hurt.

    5. JB says:


    6. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

    7. OS says:

      That was brilliant!

    8. wow says:

      wowee wow wow

    9. Laura says:

      HAHA…Civ Pro Joke

    10. LoveIt says:


    11. gh says:

      1:19 am apparently needs a more definite statement

    12. Jeremy says:

      This is like every (well-informed) attorney’s recurring nightmare these days. I can’t seem to convince the partners at my firm that its anything to worry about, though…

    13. Ambo Chaser 2.0 says:

      Detailed pleading requirement as to motion to dismiss. I LOVE ZIS!!

    14. Joe says:

      RyanL will you just stop coming to this website? All you ever say is that the courtoon is racist.

    15. Slum Shady says:

      Hmmm. This Courtoon is racist. Why? Well, the last time a cartoon involved a brown muslim man being ridiculed, Denmark went up in flames. You’re veering on the edge of tolerance here, Dave.


      What kinda name is that? You a stripper or something?

    16. Nerdy 1L says:

      loves it