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    Friday, October 30, 2009

    lawyer thugs Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    9 responses to “Friday, October 30, 2009”

    1. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

    2. mwasseresq says:


    3. aww says:

      Is it wrong that I always laugh at RyanL’s stupid comment about the cartoon being racist? ****?

    4. Joe says:

      RyanL’s comments have kind of stopped being funny to me. He just never says anything original, you know?

    5. aww says:

      Interesting point, Joe. I’ll really have to think about that.

    6. Slum Shady says:

      I won’t even say anything about this Courtoon. Let’s just say Pac wouldn’t be happy.

    7. […] From Courtoons […]

    8. Tracey says:

      Don’t make me habeas your corpus.


      Ryan is right.

      Also, I am back.

      p.s. This cartoon is RACIST