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    Friday, November 6, 2009

    career services Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    15 responses to “Friday, November 6, 2009”

    1. LovingCourtoons says:

      so funny… but not so funny when you’re a 2L

    2. WTF says:

      HA! Living the dream, folks, living the dream. (Enjoy that crushing debt, everyone!)

    3. mwasseresq says:

      This courtoon is (fill in the blank)-ist!

    4. DMS says:

      Recently found, chapter 1 in the manual for operating Career Services Placement Office: “get 3L a job, then load that firm with interns and get 3L fired”

    5. Jason says:

      hahaha that reindeer always knows whats up.

    6. Slum Shady says:


      It’s not a reindeer. It’s a dog either with ribbons tied to its ears or with bushy eyebrows.


      Can you make a Courtoon parodying Paranormal Activity? The movie sucked donkey balls.

    7. Tracey says:

      Owie… once again, a little too true… I was just reading NLJ’s article about the job cuts at the NLJ 250. Yikes.

      @Slum: Paranormal Activity? What’s the law angle in that? Paralegal Activity, maybe?

    8. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist.

    9. Kiwi Lawyer says:

      I bet plenty of law grads could get jobs in papermills producing those gigantic text books…

    10. Slum Shady says:


      Exactly, there is no law angle there. But you can always draw a reference and insert a legal angle. Like two associates sleeping and then suddenly their cubicle door opens up and the demonic partner walks in and gives them more work. Or how the associates hear a loud thud in the middle of the night only to find 4 feet of client files stacked on top of one another right on their table.

    11. Lindsey says:

      Haha! So true – I’m a 2L law student and actually own a cupcake bakery! My attorney friends all say that at this point it’s my best bet for a post-law school career…

    12. Ben says:


    13. SC says:

      Congratulations, David! I read the article in the fall about your argument before the S. Ct. I was hoping all would go your way.

      I have a question about the cartoon. Can you update the date for “Law School Career Services – New Guide Book for 2010” to 2011? I would like to purchase this for a classmate for our May graduation. Thanks!