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    Friday, November 20, 2009

    Law School Rankings Courtoon (legal cartoon)

    10 responses to “Friday, November 20, 2009”

    1. thedude says:

      egregious michigan trolling

    2. Jeremy says:

      Super Lawyers!

    3. Dies Irae says:

      So true. A made up ranking system doesn’t make you not Tier IV.

    4. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist!

    5. Slum Shady says:

      Trebek: Mr. Connery, much to my dismay, the board is yours.

      Connery: Alright you sneaky rascal. I’ll take “gal ass” for 400.

      *The audience starts laughing hysterically*

      Trebek (turning and looking at the board): Mr. Connery, that’s “Legal Assessment”.

      Connery: Ho ho hooooo Trebek. Calm down you simian imbecile. Ahahahahaha. If I were R. Kelly, then I might wager a bit more.

      Trebek: That’s just awful and you know it.

      Robin Williams: Yes. Legal assessment. Yes. It’s like Kenneth Starr investigating Clinton going ‘Billy billy billy can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me, and I just love you jazzy ways, this is wh…”

      Trebek: THANK YOU Mr. Williams. Thank you.

      This Courtoon doesn’t make sense. What if someone is from Yale, Harvard, Stanford or Michigan? In that case, which law school is ranked third?

    6. Joe says:

      These rankings are so arbitrary. How can one school claim to put out the “best” attorneys? What exactly does the “best” look like?

    7. Anonymous says:

      I’m glad even the Mad Libs rankings know that YLS is #1.

    8. Anonymous says:

      ef yeah mich #5!!!