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    Friday, March 5, 2010

    This Courtoon completes a series (the last four) drawn for the TechnoLawyer Buyer’s Guide to Document Management Systems for Law Firms.

    28 responses to “Friday, March 5, 2010”

    1. Joe says:

      That’s some system. Sounds a lot like mine!

    2. RyanL says:

      This courtoon is racist!

    3. Tracey says:

      Aha! There is an ulterior motive for your recent beneficence!!!

      Well, I have to say, the recent strips have been very familiar and true-to-life.

    4. Tracey says:

      I must confess, though, I do in fact have a “system” like that, and it does in fact work. My old boss used to complain all the time about the mess in my office, and I assured her that I knew where everything was. She never believed me.

      Well, one day I was working at home when she needed a document that was in my office. She called me at home from my office and asked me where it was. I said, “OK: Do you see that pile of papers on the left side of my keyboard?” She did. “It’s in that pile, about 3 or 4 documents down from the top.” It was.

      She never complained about the mess in my office again.

    5. Rose says:

      Any chance of getting a new one soon? Us law school students are getting deep into finals and it would be a nice treat.

    6. Haha says:

      @ Rose

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m a graduating 3L. A new courtoon from Mr. Mills would be an excellent way to end the year!

    7. D Mills says:

      Thanks for the comments—I will try to get back at it and see what I can come up with…..

    8. I think lots of people have a system like that!!

    9. Cary says:

      Can’t wait to see some new ones!

    10. I think this system is one many relate to

    11. Anonymous says:

      3.5 months since a new Courtoon! :(

    12. TINLA IANYL says:

      I like how the diploma or other certificate hanging on the wall in tha background looks like it’s in pain.

    13. Tracey says:

      @Tinla: I didn’t notice that! Good catch!

      Ah… I miss the days when Courtoons was the highlight of every Friday…. Is it a lack of ideas, Dave, or a lack of time? I hope it’s a lack of time, and your business is doing very well! If it’s a lack of ideas, maybe your fans can help?

    14. D Mills says:

      Perhaps a combination– I managed to get a cert grant at the Court (http://www.scotuswiki.com/index.php?title=Ortiz_v._Jordan) which has made things somewhat crazy. (Certainly a good reason to be lacking time). I’ll just need the right combination of time and inspiration down the road… (It’s been so long I’m even having trouble figuring out how to comment with my loquiturtle avatar)

    15. Tracey says:

      (checking the Wiki…) that’s a weird procedural quirk… maybe by the time it’s all over, it will give you some interesting ideas! :^)

      Good luck with the case!

    16. TINLA IANYL says:

      A challenged getleman in a coat and tie carries a briefcase in his laft hand as he waits for the afternoon train. The briefcase hangs open, and legal papers lie askew on the platform as a tiny, racially-challenged court jester pops out of the briefcase and offers the gentleman a dish of candies, politely inquiring, “Mint?” A tiny reindeer stands on the tracks exclaiming, “Damn!,” as the afternoon train threatens to arrive with all due imminence. The caption reads, “Supreme Court grants cert in case!”

    17. Spreague says:

      Congrats on the cert! I look forward to seeing more inspired Courtoons. Your work has already passed on into legend here at the Virginia courthouse. Basically, someone printed out a comic and posted it on the bulletin board.

    18. liz says:

      Does anyone else think David Mills is hot? Because he totally is.

    19. Long time fan says:

      Good luck on Monday.

    20. Felipe Fulgencio says:

      Great article on this month’s ABA. Best of luck on Monday!

    21. [ghost liz] says:

      *brushes hair 999th time before jumping into bed and switching off tinkerbell lamp*

    22. TRTL says:

      :)¢ MOL

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