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    Friday, January 21, 2011

    19 responses to “Friday, January 21, 2011”

    1. Welcome back! I hope that you have lots of ideas … and lots of time! … to bring us more Courtoons in 2011.

    2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Say Ban-shee, rogueclown. rogueclown said: *sporfle* http://www.courtoons.net/?p=1995 […]

    3. Matt says:

      Yay, Courtoons is back!

    4. Katie says:

      This made my day. Courtoons is back AND with an AngryBirds joke!

    5. Kimberly says:

      Hey, good to see you!! Thanks for making me smile this morning…

    6. Kimberly says:

      That sounded weird. Thanks for making a courtoon that made me smile?

    7. Long time fan says:

      Oh, thank God you’re back.

    8. J says:

      Welcome back!

    9. Bridgete says:

      Yay, welcome back!

    10. Long time fan says:

      Congrats on being one for one at SCOTUS!

    11. I wonder if the evil green pigs are entitled to make victim impact statements. Welcome back :)

    12. Legal Eaglet says:

      Welcome back…and I just read the slip opinion from the Supremes – great job for your client!

    13. Artoo says:

      Welcome back! Thank you! Your punny cartoons help remind me not to take things too seriously. Myself included!

    14. Salvador says:

      Finally! It’s been too long – but I can’t blame you – your client’s case before the SCOTUS was obviously more important. Congrats on your win! Now back to drawing, please.

    15. RyanL says:

      Your delay in creating new courtoons was racist.

    16. mwasseresq says:

      A new Courtoon, outstanding!

    17. dpwood says:

      yay! you’re baaaaaaaack! wait, this was in january? well come back again! also, double yay for angry birds joke!

    18. LOL. Why aren`t the evil green pigs in court on the count of robbery? :)

    19. parrot chat says:

      parrot chat…

      […]Angry Bird Courtoon–Legal Cartoon | Courtoons[…]…