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    “Last month, we struck gold in our search for the best legal humor on the web: we found Courtoons.”

    The Billable Hour Co.


    Michigan Law E-News (Amicus): Drawn to the law (March 09) 

    The Billable Hour:  The Timesheet e-Newsletter (March 09) 






    WordPress Top Blogs of the Day: 

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    Selected Posts


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    Court-Martial Trial Practice: This is funny (02.11.09)


    Day on Torts: Courtoons (03.03.09)


    e-Discovery Insights: e-Discovery LOL: Courtoons (02.15.09)


    Fight the Hypo: A Cartoon After Our Own Heart (03.11.09)


    Inter Alia: Blawg of the Day–Courtoons (01.21.09)


    iPhone J.D: Courtoons (01.26.2009)


    Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog: Website of the Week: Courtoons (02.04.09)


    Juristisches Gedankenkonvolut: Nachtrag zu den verstärkenden Ausdrücken (02.25.09)


    kriegs-recht.de: How lawyers use technology to make things easier (02.11.09)


    Law Firm Blogger: Social Media for Lawyers–a Lesson in Technology and Humanity (02.05.09)


    Law Practice Matters: Social Networking Humor From My New Favorite Blog (02.04.09)


    Legal Antics: Those crazy law clerks. (1.30.09)


    Legal Research & Writing Pro: Well Said (02.26.09)


    Legal Writing Prof Blog: Courtoons (1.31.09)


    Lex Ferenda: A little harsh? (01.19.09)


    Luke Gilman: Courtoons: How bar examiners think law is practiced (03.04.09)


    Madisonian.net: Ouch. (01.15.09)


    On Being a Black Lawyer: An Inauguration Courtoon (01.21.09)


    Public Defender Stuff: Lots of police behaving badly and one funny appellate lawyer (01.26.09)


    Solicitr: Lawyer’s e-mail disclaimers (01.22.09); Monday Mirth (03.16.09)


    Sports Law Blog: Truth of the Day (03.06.09)


    Supreme Dicta: This explains a lot…(12.22.08)


    TaxGirl: See? Tax is Funny. (01.16.09)


    The California Blog of Appeal: Blogroll Addition: “Courtoons” (01.05.09)


    Юридический блог: Мечты адвоката (03.25.09)

    Courtoons: Daily law cartoons and comics.